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SHF founder
Founder, Bianca Saleh

Bianca Saleh is a licensed practical nurse and entrepreneur with an unwavering desire to help others. In 2009, she noticed her beautiful hair was beginning to change. She had recently given birth and could not understand why her hair was thinning at the center of her scalp. She would part her hair down the middle and over time, she noticed much of her scalp was exposed. Feeling afraid and confused, she visited a dermatologist who diagnosed her with scarring alopecia.

Bianca became very depressed and developed low self-esteem. She would hide her hair loss from everyone, including her immediate family. No matter how hard she tried, she could not find a hairstyle, wig or hair extensions that complimented her and made her feel comfortable. However, despite alopecia, Bianca enjoyed experimenting with different hair and hair products. It dawned on her that she should open a beauty supply store of her own and acquire access to hair and hair supplies. After developing new industry relationships, Bianca opened Don Bella Beauty Supply, an online hair boutique that offers quality clip- ins, wigs, hair extensions and hair products.

One day, Bianca agreed to help a stranger who suffered severe hair loss due to a medical condition. She was a woman of color in need of a custom wig and had trouble finding one suitable for her. Bianca remembered her own emotional journey through alopecia and the difficult time she had finding quality wigs that were flattering and matched her hair texture.When Bianca presented the wig to the woman, she was overwhelmed by how beautiful she felt in her new hair prosthesis. Bianca knew she had changed that woman’s life. At that moment, Bianca discovered how her beauty industry relationships could help her give back to women just like her.

In 2019 Bianca launched Saleh Hair Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) organization that raises money for the production of custom hair prosthesis to benefit women and children who suffer from injury or medical-related hair loss. As a nurse, Bianca understood how burns and illnesses could affect the scalp. She also knew how expensive custom hair units are for a family. Saleh Hair Foundation ensures that any woman or child who chooses to wear a quality and custom hairpiece has the opportunity to receive one despite financial restraints.

Today, Bianca is a wife and mother to three beautiful children. In addition to running an online store and managing operations for her charitable organization, she continues to devote her time as a nurse at a not-for-profit healthcare center in her hometown of Buffalo, New York. With an educational background in psychology, Bianca plans to help others who struggle physically, mentally, and spiritually. She hopes her contributions to beauty, healthcare and charity will touch women and children in an impactful way.

Who We Are

The Saleh Hair Foundation was founded in Buffalo, New York in 2017. Our mission is to serve disadvantaged women and children who suffer from hair loss related to an injury or medical condition, through the production of custom hair prosthesis. Our organization assists qualified women and children by funding the creation of wigs through financial contributors and beauty industry partnerships. The Saleh Hair Foundation is fully committed to community service. The 501 (c)(3) organization aims to restore confidence and self-esteem in recipients, and strengthen communities through philanthropy and education.