Our Mission

Strengthening Women and Children

The Saleh Hair Foundation  mission is to serve disadvantaged women and children who suffer from hair loss related to an injury or medical condition, through the production of custom hair prosthesis. We aim to strengthen recipient confidence and build a support network for women and children who suffer from medical-related hair loss. Additionally, The Saleh Hair Foundation works to improve quality of life for women and children receiving chemotherapy treatments through the implementation of its Wig Exchange Program and Hospital Partnership Program. Our primary goal is to provide women and children access to wigs, regardless of economic status or geographic location.

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Over the years women and their families have received and/or given wigs through the Wig Exchange Program.  Today, The Wig Exchange Program’s simple premise has a powerful impact on women undergoing treatment for cancer. Women who have completed cancer treatment donate their used wigs, which are then refurbished and distributed free of charge to women newly undergoing treatment. Along with the Wig Exchange Program, The Saleh Hair Foundation  has initiated a Hospital Partnership Program. The Hospital Partnership Program provides wigs directly to the hospital so that they can distribute them to their patients on site, thereby immediately placing wigs into the hands of the women that need them the most.

For many women battling cancer, losing one’s hair is often the first visible sign of the seriousness of their illness. Hair is such a fundamental part of many women’s identity and hair loss can add enormous emotional strain and compromise confidence for women already struggling physically.  The expense of purchasing a wig can be prohibitive; especially when added to mounting medical expenses. 

Ranging in cost from $700 to $5,000, wigs are not covered by insurance  and  Operating through an expanding hospital network as well as through an online platform The Saleh Hair Foundation  is able to serve women on a huge level. The Saleh Hair Foundation wig Exchange Program and Hospital Partnership Program aim to help every cancer patient access a quality, free wig.  More than a hairpiece, these wigs can transform the outlook for women in crisis.