Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Donor's FAQ

10 to 12 donated braids are used in one hairpiece.

Yes, you can make a donation of colored hair.

Yes, you can make a donation of permed hair.

Yes, you can donate grey hair. We can not utilize this hair in a hairpiece, since we provide hairpieces just to kids, however we can sell it to cover our manufacturing expenses .

No, we can not utilize bleached hair. The bleach causes the hair to liquify as it undergoes the production process. Keep in mind: Highlights are often done with bleach.

Dreadlocks can not be utilized in our kids’s hairpieces. Part of the prep work to mix hair donations with each other involves combining specific hair strands. All hair must have the ability to be combed to separate these individual hairs.

We do not maintain a list of participating salons. They ought to have a Saleh Hair Foundation sticker in their home window if there is a hair salon in your area taking part in our work. If you have beauty salons in your location that are part of a national chain, numerous times they participate. Additionally, you can try an on-line search, imputing Saleh Hair Foundation salon and your city and state.

You can go anywhere to cut your hair cut as long as the donation guidelines provided on our site are adhered to. Anyone can cut your hair! When making their donations, we motivate our donors to go to a beauty salon they are currently acquainted to make sure they are comfortable. Take a look at our Donation Guidelines.

We can not link donors with receivers. Due to the fact that all applicants are minors, we should secure the kids’s personal privacy.

Please consult with your tax preparer. We can not place a financial value on a ponytail.

Yes, if you pick to send out photos please e-mail them to All pictures must be submitted digitally in order to be used on our website.

We do upgrade our contributor gallery once in a while, but can not ensure that all the pictures we obtain will be uploaded. We additionally post images around our office and use them in our newsletters.

We work to say thanks to all contributors as rapidly as feasible. Since we count on volunteers to assist with this job, it may take up to 60 days to obtain your acknowledgement.

If the individual in need is a child is an applilcant of Saleh Hair Foundation, it is occasionally feasible. The family can contact the Case Supervisor for more details. Please remember our receivers should be under the age of 21.

Hair Recipient's FAQ

NO! Our recipients get their personalized prostheses COST FREE. Additionally, we supply a normal FREE “wig” for them to use during the manufacturing period.

That post is absolutely FALSE. Saleh Hair Foundation did not receive this telephone call nor would certainly any person at our workplace have provided this incorrect information. Lots of people use our name to accentuate themselves or their cause. IF there is an entity using our name as well as charging for hairpieces, please let us know, we would take necessary steps to identify and stop them.

Most of our recipients deal with the autoimmune condition, alopecia areata. Others have experienced loss of hair from radiation treatment and also chemotherapy, severe burns or injury, and also different other genetic and skin-related problems.

What is Alopecia?

The majority of our recipients cope with alopecia, an auto-immune problem that causes the hair roots to close down. This condition has varying degrees and also affects 5.2 million people in the United States alone. Alopecia areata impacts both sexes and also may, however not constantly, cause substantial loss of hair. Presently, there is no well-known reason or cure for alopecia. The degrees of alopecia are as adheres to:

– Alopecia Areata Ophiasis-loss in bands along the scalp margin
– Alopecia Areata Sisaipho-loss of all scalp hair other than along the scalp margins
– Alopecia Totalis– loss of all scalp hair, often consisting of eyelashes as well as eyebrows.
– Alopecia Universalis– loss of all scalp as well as body hair.


Cancer constitutes the 2nd highest percentage of our receivers. Every year about 2,200 kids under age 20 are identified with brain tumors. Radiation therapy for cancer cells can create permanent hair loss. Chemotherapy might additionally create loss of hair to be lasting depending on the size of therapy needed.

Various other causes of hair loss represent a small percentage of our receivers:

– Ectodermal Dysplasia– A condition that affects the formation of the ectoderm causing very thin hair
– Loose Anagen Syndrome– An irregularity where hair is slim and breaks at really brief sizes
– Trichotillomania– an obsessive uncontrollable disorder of repeated hair pulling
– Telogen Effluvium– Diffuse but excessive shedding of hair
– Injury such as burns, crashes, animal attacks, etc.

Kid under 6 years get artificial hairpieces since this age group experiences fast growth in the dimension of their head. Kids ages 6-21 with long-term loss of hair receive custom-made, vacuum-fit hair prosthetics. Each recipient additionally obtains a “wig” to wear while waiting on the manufacturing of their prosthesis.

Yes, we aid both boys and girls. The majority of hairpiece applicant kids are girls.

Yes, when kids require a more instant solution, as opposed to waiting 4-5 months for the production of a prosthesis, they are offered normal “wigs” that can be used even as their hair begins to grow back.

Yes, we supply hairpieces to kids under age 21 in the United States and Canada regardless of race, faith, gender or creed.

Applications are available on our site or can be mailed to you. We require a completed application together with a medical diagnosis, photo of the child, latest income tax return and 2 recommendation letters. Application forms are available here.

Financial Donor's FAQ

Yes, Saleh Hair Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and all financial contributions are tax-deductible.

A donation of $1,050 will sponsor one kid on Saleh Hair Foundation. For more information visit our Become a Sponsor page.

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